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RoyalTaxi Utrecht in Maarssen

 Customer convenience is always crucial, and as a cab company, we go above and beyond simply pressing the pedal. Do you have large baggage, have trouble walking, or would you like restaurant recommendations…? We are unconcerned. At RoyalTaxi Utrecht in Maarssen, we still believe that the customer is king, and we will do everything we can to get you to your destination swiftly and safely.

Our Maarssen Taxi service offers a huge number of vehicles. As a result, we have a vehicle for every purpose. Are you seeking for a more opulent vehicle to transport you to an important business meeting? Or perhaps you need a vehicle to attend a gathering with relatives or friends. It is possible to achieve anything. You can also reach out to us for patient transportation, and you can always reach out to us in an emergency. It’s comforting to know that all of our drivers are trained in first aid. In conclusion, you can always count on a comfortable and safe journey when you travel with RoyalTaxi Utrecht in Maarssen.

Taxi Maarssen

Royal Taxi Utrecht delivers a courteous and dependable service to all of its customers. A taxi service, in our opinion, is nothing more than a mode of transportation. Naturally, you want to be prepared for a safe and comfortable journey. It makes no difference how long or short the journey is. Our professional drivers are aware of how critical this is to you. As a result, we always provide a personalised and customer-focused service, and you will have complete freedom to go wherever you choose.

Royal Taxi Utrecht is your ticket to a more pleasant ride. Our number one aim is to make our customers feel as relaxed as possible. We’ll help you get the most out of your trips by providing excellent transfer services.


Our business will drive you from the airport to your hotel or the neighbouring city where you will be staying in a timely and convenient manner.

Royal Taxi in Utrecht may be a full-service taxi company. As a result, you’ll trust our company to provide a wide range of taxi services. For example, we provide taxi service on the street, drive on bookings, and transport customers to and from airports. You may travel for a fixed fare from Utrecht to Schiphol, as well as other European destinations, with us. You can always expect to be driven about by a well-trained driver at Royal cab Utrecht. All of this is frequently included in the low-cost service offered by Royal cab Utrecht, an Utrecht taxi company.

Taxi service is available at all times

Royaltaxi Utrecht is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Maarssen.

We provide custom-tailored solutions for all of your transportation needs using our method of transportation. You will be taken directly to the airport of your choice or to your final destination. There will be no additional wait times for you, and you will not be grouped with other passengers.


Pin, Cash


On account (business customers), Credit card (+4.50)

Our chauffeurs

Maarssen’s royaltaxi drivers are seasoned specialists. Furthermore, all of our drivers have completed a recognised driver training programme and hold a valid driver’s licence. Furthermore, our drivers are skilled communicators who are multilingual and have prior expertise directing consumers.

About Maarssen

Maarssen is a town in the Netherlands‘ central province of Utrecht, situated along the Vecht River and the Amsterdam–Rhine Canal. Maarssen is divided into two parts: Maarssen-Broek to the west and Maarssen-Dorp to the east. The Maarssen area is made up of both of these elements, as well as other small towns in the surrounding area.

Maarssen combined with the councils of Breukelen and Loenen to become Stichtse Vecht on January 1, 2011.

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Experienced drivers


Customer oriented


Well-groomed drivers


Fast on location


Certified executive transport


Geen ‘nee’


Extensive fleet


Extensive payment options


Fixed rates for fixed destinations


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